About Us

We excel in Custom Printed Paper Packaging.

Now operating out of our new headquarters and warehouse in metro-Miami (FL), World Brands, Inc. (WBI) has been supplying the North American and European markets with sustainable and recyclable paper products since its founding in 1990.

We are a state-of-the-art integrated contract manufacturer of plain and custom printed paper products at our production facility located in Istanbul, Turkey which is equipped with the latest in printing, folding, window-patching, gluing and barrier coating technologies to produce fluted paper clamshells, bags, hot & cold cups, chicken & barn boxes, bakery boxes, etc.,

We are a complete supply-chain-organization HQ in Miami Florida and overseas office located in Istanbul, Turkey to ensure that all orders are processed, manufactured, packaged, shipped, and delivered to your door upon passing our rigorous inspections and quality controls to ensure that we supply you with the best service and value.

We are a direct vendor with many of the large distributors and re-distributors of paper, packaging and food products in North America and Europe; servicing the medium and large size fast food chains, restaurants, quick service stations, supermarkets, and wholesaler-distributors from our warehouses in Miami, Savannah, Houston and NJ/NY.

We are also WBI Brand Products; with state-side inventory of twist, flat, and die-cut Handle paper shopping bags, fluted clamshells, Vision-Kraft Food containers, and trays.